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06 Jan

film recommendations for healty Windows admins

Today I write my first entry in English because it is dedicated to  to Lukasz who also gave me a movie tip.

In December I had an accident in which I suffered a rib injury = It hurts every time I laughed ūüėź
As I stayed at home this time I thought it would be a good idea to install the very modest present Santa Claus already gave me.

I wondered if it would be a good idea to use Bitlocker and searched for information about it. Instead of 3000 pages whitepapers to read I was looking at YouTube and found this video:
Building a Bulletproof Windows BitLocker
After a few minutes I had to stop, because it was just too painful, because I had to laugh often.

But a few days ago I viewed the session again and was curious to see more sessions of Sami Laiho and found the very interesting (and funny) video:
Windows 8.1: Black Belt Troubleshooting
After all is really, really helpful because of all these little tips like ‚Äúrunning a cmd as SYSTEM‚ÄĚ or just to get know that the Snipping tool can take a picture of opened menus.
I really recommend sessions with him because it is a very funny way to learn many interesting things!

23.07.2019: Unfortunately, the videos on youtube no longer exist. But at Channel 9 there are still similar ones: